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Élu Sunny d'Argent

from 06/04 to 22/09

Once upon a timeLe Fief a great and beautiful family story in Saint-Brevin!

  • In the beginning, there was a farm and agricultural land.

  • 1963

    The campsite was created by Jean and Georgette Berthebaud:
    on 4 hectares, with two toilets and two showers… in the stables!

    Their son, Thierry, born in 1961, worked in the family business since he was 10 years old: helped out at the bar, cleaned the toilet blocks and collected the rubbish, then went onto the reception at 17 years old... with a notebook, pencil and rubber to manage the diary!

  • 1978

    2 stars for 300 pitches

  • 1988

    The first chalets and mobile homes were installed.

    An open-air swimming pool was also built, uone of the first in Loire-Atlantique

  • 1991

    The campsite went from 2 to… 4 stars!

  • 1996

    Thierry's parents, who knew that succession was guaranteed, handed over the management of the company to him.
    Investments were constantly being made, in order to continue and reinforce the campsite’s top-of-the-range positioning, initiated by Jean and Georgette!

  • 1997

    The swimming pool built in 1988 was covered

  • The 2000s

    The first musical productions were launched, with growing success year after year. Mamma Mia, Robin Hood, 1789…
    The musical productions established Fief’s reputation.

  • 2002

    Outdoor water park was created, with a surface area of 600m2 and bathroom facilities at the entrance and the supermarket.

  • 2004-2005

    New performance venue was built
    as well as the current restaurant.

  • 2006

    The campsite’s first SPA was created,
    which would be completely refitted in 2011 and would become LE SPA by Le Fief.

  • 2009

    Became a member of Sunêlia.

  • 2011

    Sunêlia Luxe Taos Village was created.

  • 2012

    Awarded the 5th star.

  • 2015

    1000 m² indoor ‘Aqualudique’ complex was created with its water tree, replacing the old indoor pool.

  • 2016-2021

    100% of the rental properties were renewed, i.e. approximately 230 rentals.

  • 2016

    Baby-Club and Premium Village (25 rentals) were created, Declik mobile home range arrived (36 rentals).

  • 2018

    Pedestrian Confort Village was created,
    around 60 mobile homes in the centre of the campsite.

  • 2019

    “Feet in the sand” Village created with 20 Sunêlia Confort Kids accommodations.

  • 2020

    Complete refurbishment of Taos Village which was created in 2011-2012, the 31 mobile homes and their terraces were replaced. In order to preserve the well-tended landscaping of this village, the mobile homes were handled with a crane.

  • 2021

    Awarded the Clef Verte (Green key) environmental label.

    90 m² seminar room was created, around forty mobile homes refurbished.

  • 2022

    New “Luxe” range of camping pitches with private shower block.

    New temptations at the restaurant!

  • 2023

    2 hébergements Prestige avec piscine privative.

    Pour la 6e année consécutive, obtention du prix de la satisfaction client Sunêlia, parmi plus de 20 000 questionnaires collectés dans le réseau en 2023 !

  • Today its spread over 7 hectares, there are 20 staff all year round and up to 70 employees in high season who work to make sure you have an enjoyable holiday, always under the leadership of Thierry! And under the watchful eye of Jean & Georgette, who are never too far away!

    Let the story continue!