Campsite Sunêlia Le Fief
Campsite Sunêlia Le Fief Élu Sunny d'argent Proud to be a Sunêlia site!
Fifoo, Le Fief campsite's mascot in Saint-Brevin
Saint-Brevin-les-Pins / Loire Atlantique / Southern Brittany

Campsite map: Location map of amenities and pitches

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Map of Le Fief campsite
  • Sunelia Luxe Taos 6 mobile homeSunêlia Luxe Taos 3 bdr. 6 pers.
  • Sunelia Luxe Taos 5 mobile homeSunêlia Luxe Taos 2 bdr. 5 pers.
  • Sunelia Luxe Taos 4 mobile homeSunêlia Luxe Taos 2 bdr. 4 pers.
  • Sunelia Prestige Premium 40 mobile home rental BrittanySunêlia Prestige Premium 3 bdr. 6 pers.
  • Sunelia Prestige Premium 32 at Le Fief campsite in Saint-BrevinSunêlia Prestige Premium 2 bdr. 4 pers.
  • Sunelia Confort Kids mobile home in Saint-BrevinSunêlia Confort Kids 2 bdr. 4 pers.
  • Sunelia Confort Atlantique mobile home Le Fief campsiteSunêlia Confort Atlantique 3 bdr. 6 pers.
  • Sunelia Confort Corail Loire-Atlantique BrittanySunêlia Confort Corail 3 bdr. 6 pers.
  • Sunelia Confort Declik 32 mobile home in Saint-BrevinSunêlia Confort Declick 3 bdr. 6 pers.
  • Confort Florès Cottage Le Fief campsite BrittanyCottage Confort Florès 3 bdr. 6 pers.
  • Sunelia Confort Declik 28 at Le Fief campsite FranceSunêlia Confort Declick 2 bdr. 4/5 pers.
  • Sunelia Confort Océane mobile home in Saint-BrevinSunêlia Confort Océane 2 bdr. 4 pers.
  • Confort Océane Cottage Le Fief campsiteCottage Confort Océane 2 bdr. 4/5 pers.
  • Sunelia Confort Vivario in Saint-Brevin French Atlantic CoastSunêlia Confort Vivario 2 bdr. 4 pers. PMR
  • Camping pitch at Le Fief campsiteCamping pitch
  • Temporary camping pitch at Le Fief campsiteLast-minute/short-stay pitch
  • Yearly resident in Saint-BrevinAnnual resident
  • Campsite reception in Saint-BrevinReception
  • Mini marketMini market
  • Ice-cream at Le Fief campsiteIce cream
  • Ready prepared meals, pizza onsite in Saint-BrevinReady-made dishes, pizzas
  • Le Fief campsite's restaurant Le Punta CanaBar-Restaurant LE PUNTA CANA
  • Entertainment room at Le Fief campsiteEntertainment room
  • Games room and video games in Saint-BrevinGames room, Video games
  • Swimming pool and paddling pool Brittany FranceSwimming pool and paddling pool
  • Indoor Aqualudique pools in Saint-BrevinIndoor "Aqualudique" water area
  • Aquaplay water park in Le Fief campsite"Aquaplay" water area
  • Aquasnack at the campsite in Saint-Brevin"Aquasnack"
  • LE SPA by Le Fief in Saint-Brevin Brittany FranceTHE SPA by Le Fief
  • Campsite playground in BrittanyPlay area
  • Petanque court at Le Fief campsitePetanque court
  • Table tennis at the campsite on the French Atlantic CoastPing Pong
  • Multisports field on the French Atlantic CoastMultisports field
  • Padel court at the campsite in Saint-BrevinPadel court
  • Archery in the Brittany sunshineArchery
  • Beach volleyball courtBeach volleyball court
  • Sunny Club for children at the campsiteSunny Club
  • Baby Club at the campsite in the Loire-Atlantique regionBaby Club
  • Bicycle rentals at Le Fief campsite in Saint-BrevinBike rental
  • Toilet and shower blockToilets
  • Disabled access toilet and shower blockToilet facilities for the disabled
  • Mother and baby toilet and shower blockBaby care facilties
  • Laundry facilities at Le Fief campsite BrittanyLaundrette
  • Bins and recycling at Le Fief campsite in Saint-BrevinWaste and litter containers
  • Pedestrian pathsPedestrian paths
  • Fire extinguishers for a safe holiday in Saint-BrevinExtinguisher
  • Electrical terminalsElectrical terminals
  • Sens de circulationFlow direction
  • Evacuation direction through the campsiteEvacuation direction
  • Emergency exit of Le Fief campsiteEmergency exit
  • Meeting points throughout the campsite in Saint-BrevinAssembly point
  • Meeting areas at the campsiteAssembley zones
Campsite Le Fief map in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins (PDF)